Building for the Future of Multicloud

Avon Puri, Global Chief Digital Officer at Sequoia Capital, and Karl Mosgofian, CIO of Gainsight, discuss the future of MultiCloud and how CIOs can build with it in mind.
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This episode features Avon Puri, Global Chief Digital Officer at Sequoia Capital and Karl Mosgofian, CIO of Gainsight.

Avon Puri, Global Chief Digital Officer at Sequoia Capital and Karl Mosgofian, CIO of Gainsight, discuss how to get teams the right data they need to be successful, what it looks like to build securely and at scale, and why designing your internal architecture to support multi cloud environments is so essential.

Key Takeaways 

  • The age of the untrained employees having to double as IT staff is over. The IT roadblocks of the past have been paved over by more end-user-friendly systems that dedicated IT staff can use to run complex information architectures seamlessly.
  • CIOs can’t afford to work with blinders on. Staying plugged into your industry’s ecosystem, and in lock step with industry experts is absolutely critical to make sure you’re thinking ahead and making the right decisions for your company. 
  • Data tells you a lot, but it doesn’t tell you everything. In the age of remote work, you need to check in with your team and have earnest conversations to see how they’re keeping up with the pace of their work and ensure they’re staying connected and motivated. 

Key Quotes

  • “There’s almost nothing that’s happening in any department of any company at this point that isn’t technology driven or at least where technology isn’t an important part of the solution.” – Karl 
  • “The opportunity for us as IT professionals working for a business, whether it is a smaller business or a bigger business, is to bring solutions which can really transform the company and actually help them leapfrog over the competition.” – Avon 
  • “Internally, one of the key things is making sure that we bring data to where people are. That’s much better than having yet another tab open and trying to stitch together data yourself in a lot of different places.” – Karl
  • “IT works both ways. Teams get what they need from new products, new innovation. But, also around the company, the product companies, they get real validation of their use cases, what they’re trying to solve.” – Avon 


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