Meet the Hosts of CIO Classified

This week, we turn our attention to the hosts of CIO Classified as they recap their favorite moments from the show so far, and share the lessons they’ve learned from top CIOs.
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Cassidy Williams is Principal Developer Experience Engineer at Netlify. Ian Faison is CEO at Caspian Studios. Together, they’re your hosts of CIO Classified.

Each week on CIO Classified, we feature two CIOs from leading companies discussing a single topic. This week we’re doing things a little differently. We’re featuring the hosts of the show as they discuss their favorite moments from previous episodes, share the lessons they’ve learned from top CIOs, and tell us about their own career journeys.

Key Takeaways

  • Even when you’re working remote, you can still stay connected to your community. Whether it’s sending out a weekly email to your peers, joining a group chat with your colleagues, or checking in on Twitter — you can stay close to the folks you’d normally see at the office or in-between talks at a conference. 
  • Building smart, well-rounded teams can seem daunting. Companies that focus too narrowly on the process of hiring, rather than the people they’re hiring, can struggle to build successful teams. It helps to remember that hiring is deeply human. 
  • There’s one thing almost all CIOs have in common — their most uncuttable budget item is employee training. Investing in team training is investing in success. Going to conferences, taking courses, and levelling up skills not only makes employees happier in their roles, but more productive, too. 


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