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Welcome to CIO Classified Season 2
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Hosted by Ian Faison and Cassidy Williams

We have a really exciting announcement, Season 2 is coming! Thank you to all of you for listening. We have had 10 amazing episodes so far with some incredible CIO and technology leaders. And we have a bunch more of that coming in 2021. 


I know it has been an extremely challenging year for everyone and we hope that our podcast was helpful. We have some really amazing guests coming next year to share how they are responding to a new set of challenges. CIOs like Anisha Vaswani from Box, Sharon Mandell from Juniper Networks, Alvina Antar from Okta, Stephen Franchetti from Slack, Gary Sorrentino from Zoom, and many more. 


Also as you may have noticed, we changed our name officially to CIO Classified– new year, new name. We will start releasing episodes again in January and you can continue listening wherever you get your podcasts. You can also subscribe at to get our newsletter where we send out recaps of the episode and other fun stuff. Or if you have any questions for future or past guests, or Cassidy or myself, you can email us at Thanks again for listening and we will talk to you all in January!