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Hosted by Ian Faison and Cassidy Williams

In the year 2020, the world of every CIO changed in a matter of days.

COVID sparked a whirlwind of conversations. Every CIO was calling their peers, texting friends, sharing in private groups, and hopping on calls asking the same question:

What is your company doing?

CIOs were immediately front and center, right in the spotlight.

With as much scrutiny as ever, many CIOs are looking for new ways to transform their company in a matter of weeks rather than years.

And everyone wants to know what their peers are doing to get ahead.

That’s why we started CIO Classified.

CIO Classified is a podcast that features roundtable discussions with IT leaders about their most pressing challenges and how they solve them.

Each week, we sit down with TWO top CIOs for a candid conversation about a single topic.

These CIOs come from different industries, different backgrounds, and company sizes but they share one similarity:

They are driving their companies’ digital agenda and building the infrastructure for the future of work.
Whether you’re a CIO mapping your company’s next big move, or someone who’s hoping to get there someday – this podcast is for you.

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This is CIO Classified.