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Candid conversations with leading CIOs about their most pressing challenges and how they solve them. 

CIO Classified is a show for CIOs, decision-makers, and tech leaders that want to push their business forward and stay on the cutting edge.

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CIO Classified brings together the world’s leading CIOs to discuss the most pressing issues facing senior technology leaders today and how they’re addressing them. 

The podcast offers listeners a front-row view of the real-life challenges of the modern CIO, providing a forum for IT leaders to share their secrets, strategies and tactics that accelerate their digital agenda and have earned them a seat at the table.

Each week, we sit down with two top CIOs for a candid conversation about a series of topics. These CIOs come from different industries and company sizes but they share one similarity: 

They are driving their companies’ digital agenda and building the infrastructure for the future of work.

Whether you’re a CIO mapping your company’s next big move, or someone who’s hoping to get there someday – this podcast is for you.

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Episode 50
In this episode, our guests draw insights from their own collaboration between Zendesk and the International Rescue Committee to talk about the many ways partnerships can be powerful—from bringing in new perspectives to providing resources and solutions.
Episode 49
In this episode, IT leaders from the public and private sectors tell us about times their investments paid off, and share advice for CIOs to keep pace with the increasing demand for digital transformation.
Episode 48
The competition to attract and retain talent remains fierce, and today’s leading CIOs understand that creating an employee experience model should be just as high of a priority as technology and innovation. In this episode, we’ve compiled advice from CIOs and technology leaders who are creating employee-centric cultures at their companies.
Episode 47
Key partnerships between CIOs and their internal departments are evolving rapidly. In this episode, we talk to a leading CISO and CTO about where they see relationships with CIOs going in the future and ask them their secrets for success when it comes to cloud infrastructure, data security, and more.
Episode 46
The impact of today’s economic climate is felt everywhere – even in the CIO’s office. In this episode, we ask two leading CIOs how they save money on IT and talent while still producing results.
Episode 45
In this episode, Darren Person, Global CIO at The NPD Group, and Max Chan, CIO at Avnet, share their insights about the use of AI in enterprise industries and reveal how to reap its benefits without breaking the bank. They address knowing when it is time to introduce AI, how to approach boards about it, and how to leverage AI to drive employee experience and expand your business.
Episode 44
Sanjay Macwan, CIO and CISO at Vonage, and Harry Temkin, CIO at DriveWealth, discuss their evolving roles before revealing what makes an effective leadership model, including the main drivers behind employee productivity and retention.
Episode 43
Brian Shield, SVP & CTO, Boston Red Sox and Fenway Sports Management, and David Vidoni, VP of IT at Pegasystems, reveal how they’re simplifying their IT departments in order to remain agile, and share their secrets to providing a world-class experience that’s constantly changing with consumer preferences.
Episode 42
Jay Upchurch, EVP and CIO at SAS, and Oliver Schabenberger, Chief Innovation Officer at SingleStore, define data intensity, share advice to improve data literacy, and discuss why curiosity is key for innovation, employee retention, and more.
Episode 41
Matthieu Houle, VP of IT and Digital Tech at ALDO Group, and Pierre-Luc Bisaillon, CIO at AppDirect, discuss their similar approach to future-proofing their companies’ IT.
Episode 40
Michael Ringman, CIO at TELUS International, and Sesh Tirumala, Chief Information & Data Officer at Anaplan, discuss how they’re ensuring that their organizations are benefiting from strong data management strategies. Plus, they provide their perspectives on dealing with the “SaaS overload” and what they see as the future of the CIO role in cloud-based enterprises.
Episode 39
Alex Hood, CPO at Asana, talks with Wendy Pfeiffer, CIO at Nutanix, about new challenges in the hybrid workplace model, and how they can be overcome with effective asynchronous collaboration. They also share advice on adapting to a generation of employees that has grown up with technology, from providing faster problem resolution to equipping digital-native employees with the right tools.
Episode 38
Dr. Hank Foley, President and CEO of New York Institute of Information Technology, and Santhosh Keshavan, EVP and CIO at Voya Financial, discuss how companies and academic institutions alike can ensure they’re adapting to the workforce of tomorrow, and address the pain points of today.
Episode 37
In this episode, Samir Sherif, CISO of Imperva, and Yonatan Eldar, CTO of Apiiro discuss ways to bridge the gap between security and development, as well as share best practices for cloud security.
Episode 36
Ravi Naik, EVP and CIO at Seagate, and Milind Wagle, CIO at Equinix, discuss the CIO’s role in enabling business strategy, the future of multi-cloud infrastructure, and share valuable insights and best practices for a successful cloud migration.
Episode 35
Prasad Ramakrishnan, CIO and SVP of IT at Freshworks, and Carter Busse, CIO at Workato, discuss how IT Leaders can play a vital role in the employee experience, getting ahead of pain points, and their secrets to security and automation.
Episode 34
Jim Chilton, CIO at Cengage Group, and Rob Lee, CTO at Pure Storage, discuss overcoming obstacles during a digital transformation, the benefits of prioritizing security when designing infrastructure, and staying secure while scaling up quickly.
Episode 33
Johan Dowdy, Global Head of IT at Asana, and AP Purakayastha, Group CTO at Skillsoft and SumTotal, analyze the always-evolving job description of an IT leader, before sharing valuable insights on improving employee experience and engagement.
Episode 32
Shivani Govil, Chief Product Officer at CCC Intelligent Solutions, and Seth Rachlin, Executive Vice President at Capgemini, discuss the ways digital technology is transforming the insurance industry and share advice on balancing internal innovation with external stability.
Episode 31
Michael Oberlaender, CISO at LogMeIn, and Wayne Sadin, a Board IT Advisor at Via Group Partners, talk about today’s biggest threats in cybersecurity, risk management responsibility, and preparing for a sophisticated digital world.
Episode 30
Adam Rasner, VP of Technology Operations at AutoNation, and Claire Hough, CTO at Carbon Health, discuss their experiences as Tech Leaders in historically analog-first industries, building infrastructure for the digital native customer, prioritizing the employee experience, and much more.
Episode 29
Brian Peterson, Co-Founder and CTO of Dialpad and Olivia Rose, CISO and VP of IT & Security of Amplitude, talk about increasing productivity, security in remote work, advice for going public, and much more.
Episode 28
Mike Kelly, CIO of Red Hat, and George Gerchow, Chief Security Officer at Sumo Logic, talk about how to build a culture of security and foster innovation in a secure environment, and why CIOs play a critical role in creating the employee experience.
Episode 27
Mark Settle, Seven-time CIO and Author, and Viral Bajaria, Co-Founder and CTO, 6sense, talk about what’s going on in the startup scene, the different facets of digital transformation, mistakes to avoid when scaling your company, and much more.
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